Your Room Devoid

I want to be replaced by the flower vase
you drink out of. I want to be drunk by you—my
body in the hands you garden with.

There are flowers near you, twining their
white roots in the soil you reach for—the
earth, all of it at once spread out in your
naked palm

How we used to display ourselves to
the ceiling in spring bed sheets like
paintings hung in thrift-stores like
children dancing in crowns of
sonnets, I want to be worn

around your body deliberately
between your woven fingers and
touched softly by your belly


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Tyko Say, currently teaching rhetorical writing in Prague, Czech Republic, received a Bachelor’s degree in Professional and Creating Writing from Central Washington University in 2016 and a Master’s degree in Linguistics and Pedagogy from Sussex University in 2017.

Tyko is currently working on a collective project called OBJECT:PARADISE which aims to promote and envision language as a complement to atmospheric noise and impromptu performance, drawing inspiration from John Cage, Christine Schlegel, Jack Kerouac, GG Allin, Alex Zhang Hungtai, and others.

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