on fruit

I know this sound / I heard it once /
from inside the chest / of a man as he /
ate peaches from a / glass jar / his hands / wet
and sticky / scooping slices /
little sunsets / ribbons of sugar and /
ribbons of light / lips parted /
eating whole worlds / eating light behind /
horizons and / light coming from / peach slices

I heard it / in the night / call it a sugar rush /
something that gets stuck / in your teeth /
hot-sweet song / from the rib cage / from
/ the mouth of a jar /


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Jacob Robarts is a creative writing student and drinker of iced coffee, currently living in Boise, Idaho. His work deals with sexuality, loss, and identity. When he is not writing, or listening to ABBA records, he is most likely scratching his dogs belly.

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