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Ryka Aoki


Ryka Aoki is the author of Seasonal VelocitiesHe Mele a Hilo and Why Dust Shall Never Settle Upon This Soul. She has appeared inVogue, Elle, Publisher’s Weekly, and the Huffington Post, and was honored by the California State Senate for “extraordinary commitment to the visibility and well-being of Transgender people.” She worked with the American Association of Hiroshima Nagasaki A-Bomb Survivors, and two of her compositions were adopted as the organization’s official “songs of peace.” 

Ryka is the Director of The After School Workspace at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center, Head Instructor of Supernova Queer Martial Arts, and Founder of Studio Passoire. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Cornell University and is professor of English at Santa Monica College.  

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Carta Monir is an award-winning cartoonist and micropress publisher living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She's six foot one.

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Catch her reading Death Rattle Day 2, tabling at the Book Fair, and for her free workshop and the Erotica showcase Death Rattle Day 3!

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DDOOGG is an artist collective and independent press focused on publishing alternative, experimental, and abstract comics. Originally co-founded in 2015 by a small group of undergraduate students at Emily Carr University, DDOOGG is now run by Cristian Hernandez and Juli Majer, and affiliated with a growing number of Vancouver-based alt-comic artists.   

☻ Cristian Hernandez & Juli Majer ☻

☻ Cristian Hernandez & Juli Majer ☻

DDOOGG has published the work of numerous local and international artists, both online and in print, and exhibited at book fairs in cities across Canada, United States, Europe and Asia, including: Vancouver Art/Book Fair (2016-18) Vancouver Comics Art Festival (2018-19), Toronto Comic Arts Festival (2016-18), Zine Daze (2018), Los Angeles Art Book Fair (2016), Comics Art Brooklyn (2017), Short Run Festival (2017-18) Print Ready VII - Minibar Stockholm (2016), The Future of Comics - Fumetto Festival (2019) and Picnic Art Festival, Shanghai (2018). 


Another smash hit headliner to visit at the B☻☻K FAIR ~ COLD CUBE PRESS
a riso printer + publisher born in 2015 from Seattle, WA. More Here!

✹Join these fantastic artists for a weekend of readings & workshops & absorbing their amazing work ✹ OCT 4 5 6

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