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Oracles & Oathbreakers: a fantasy flash fiction workshoppe

Ahh, curious... Sledge ye no stake in the "whimsied wheezing of a hermitical high-fantasy dork" as ye says it, heh heh... Yet how auspicious, ye august oak, to find thyself soaked and storm-stranded in my bodeful hovel, amidst these farting cauldrons and soups of dire prophecy, hopelessly exiled by the treacherous dirk of thy own devotion, ha-HA! Yea, curious, indeed ye be! Though strange it may seem, ye withered banana, thy bitter choice is naught but a dreary passage of thy destiny unfurling before the ennuied Gods! Dared ye to invoke their Divine Regard? With thy mundane acts? Thy commonplace betrayal? Ohhhh, stranger! We have ghastly deeds to predict and a vile harvest to reap, ye and me! Oracles and Oathbreakers be the true stewards of hist'ry's fiction!

Welcome to Death Rattle's thrilling workshop focusing on the FLASH FICTION theme ORACLES AND OATHBREAKERS where you can sharpen your sword on a fictional whetstone and inscribe a story that is ≥ 500 words to be read aloud at flash fiction night during the Death Rattle Festival October 5th-7th! 

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Want to write about a night elf on the search for the most perfect cauldron? A classic wealth goblin on a woodsy quest? A paladin lamenting their curs-ed broadsword? 
Then get ready to enter the land of ORACLES AND OATHBREAKERS : a world of Fantasy, Folktales, Fiefdoms, Familiars, Liches & Lords, Hexcraft & Heraldry, Druids & Fluids ..... 

For beginning to intermediate writers, this workshop will explore on the diverse styles of fantasy fiction and film and folktales. Materials needed stationary, pencils&pens, swords, stylus, computer, wand, desire for honor and long quests.

Instructor: Diana Forgione:

Once upon a tome, the apparition known as Dianandorff galloped thru many mists and over many travails to reach the last bastion of their quest... the ultimate dungeon crawl for the ultimate and rarest magik item .... rarer than a crystal ring shield, or a golem axe, or an enhanced dwarven crossbow ....the Daedric blood-quill of Molag Bal. Dianandorff would need the blood-quill to pen down tales full of such deep drones, moans, and bones the reader feels positively strangulated by the razor wire edge of the inter-coital head games that reach down into your heartbeat and speeding it up to dangerous levels. Then, and only then, would Dianandorff be the rock at the top of the rock heap that rests in the gaping jaws of the Folklaureate: the ever effervescent wryters guilde.

The dungeon entrance towered a wrathful presence over Dianandorff. In the present distance they could hear the lurch of a gloomy wail tearing it's escape from a massive pair of lungs hidden deep in the throat of a crazed witch-monger or demon-lover lusting away somewhere Dianandorff could not see. Yet Dianandorff churled on, their sinking footprints filling up behind them, one by one, with blood.

The dungeon entrance towered a wrathful presence over Dianandorff.
"Auf Weidersehen, Blood-Suckers!" They shouted back with a midnight-howl. They charged thru the gate truly ready for some ass fucking demon murder. The blood-quill would be theirs. 

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