Top 10 Restaurants in the WORLD - As Rated by Me, Someone Who Avoids Restaurants at All Costs


10: Riverhorse: Park City, Utah.

"Western Elegance" is an appropriate phrase to label this establishment. The sweet rolls and delicious flan are two items that were memorable.

9: Nine Dragons, Epcot Center, Orlando, Florida. 

Epcot Center's aim is to re-create an authentic experience in each of its showcase mini-nations. Nine Dragons fulfills that aim.

8: Pizza House: Delta, Utah. 

I went to Pizza House for the first time with my Great aunt, uncle and great cousin. I vividly remember the sweet thick crust of Pizza House's signature pizza. It was the best pizza of my life. When I rolled through years later, Pizza House was on the list of places I wanted to visit. Unfortunately, I visited the city of Delta on a Sunday. And like most places on Sundays in Utah, it was closed.

7: Mai Mai Lady: Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York. 

The Mai Mai lady is not really a restaurant in the classic term, It's just an elderly lady in Chinatown Manhattan who does not speak English, and who carries a bucket with a few sea creatures and rice balls. These balls of rice, beans and sea creatures are called Mai Mai. The sea creatures in these balls looked like exotic mini dinosaurs. I had no idea what I was eating. But it was ok.

6: Pan Szama: Central Warsaw, Poland.

This restaurant, nestled inside a 1970's German tour bus, serves authentic world cuisine with a Polish touch.

5: Casa Bonita: Denver, Colorado. 

The outside of Casa Bonita is unassuming; a strip mall with a small fountain at its entrance. But once inside, the diner is transported to another dimension, with slimy caves, dark passages and a huge, deep pool at the foot of a massive diving cliff. The atmosphere was distracting, with divers jumping off the cliff and men dressed as gorillas running through the room. It was hard to focus on what I was eating, but my brother assures me that the chicken we ordered was so good, we ordered another round. There was a small arcade in the corner, but it was inhabited by a bunch of cool kids who gave me the eye as I walked in so I quickly walked out.

4: Corner Convenience Store: Central 12th Ward, New Orleans, Louisiana. 

When tourists visit the Big Easy, most stay within the confines of the incredibly touristy French Quarter. The restaurants in the Quarter are acceptable, but if you are looking for an authentic southern experience, take a bus to one of the cities' neighboring wards for a true New Orleans meal. The Corner Convenience store is one of those true New Orleans establishments. To reach the order counter, you first walk through the convenience store, which when we visited was playing pop middle eastern music through a loud speaker system next to a cigarette display. The entire meal was only $2.50 and we were not hungry until we got back to Idaho.

3: Hi Mirchee: Dwarka, India. 

You know you may be entering a nice restaurant when you have to pass through not one, but two sets of security to enter the restaurant. This was the case at a mysterious upper floor restaurant in New Delhi. Once we finally were permitted to enter, we were greeted with a room dominated by gold surfaces and smoked glass walls. My worry that we had stumbled on a mafia den from the 70's was soon forgotten when we were given special drink mixers. This mixer included three jars; a jar of sparkling mineral water, a small jar of lemon juice and a medium jar of corn syrup. To make the drink, varying amounts from each jar were mixed to make a perfect lemon beverage. Although I don't remember what I ate that night, I will always remember those jars of drink ingredients. Since then, I have tried many times to replicate what I had. Each time, I failed to varying degrees.

2: Podwale Kompania Piwna: Warsaw, Poland. 

Hidden in the heart of Old City Warsaw, Podwale Kompania Piwna mixes traditional Polish cuisine with a modern flare. Its specialty is barley mixed in pig blood sausages. It tastes better than you might imagine.

1: Unnamed Estate: Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Sometimes, a restaurant doesn't need advertising or a big sign to attract customers. That is the case at this remote estate deep in the mountains of west Alberta. All items on the menu are locally sourced and most come from the woods surrounding the estate. When we left, the hosts advised us to go directly to the chartered van because a grizzly was seen exploring the area.

Honorable Mention:

Karim's: New Delhi, India.

The specialty of this restaurant is: Boiled goat brain in fish sauce. Although I tried, I could not finish one serving.

Feb 7, 2016

review, cultureMark Pemble