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Workshop: Juli Majer + Cristian Hernandez (DD00GG)

  • Ballet Folkorico Mexico Lindo (map)

Comics and Abstraction
Intructors: Cristian Hernandez-Blick + Juli Majer
Of DDOOGG publications

Abstract comics are experiencing something of a resurgence within the alternative comics community. Complimenting this work is the myriad ways in which the role of abstraction in comics has been theorized: in opposition to figuration; antithetical to narrative clarity; a medium for deconstructing representation; a form of resistance to interpretive conventions; a bridge connecting comic art with other contemporary mediums, and so on. It is our belief that the terrain of abstract comics has yet to be fully traversed–both conceptually and in practice–and remains teeming with still dormant potential for experimentation and creativity.

★In this workshop, we endeavour to facilitate a contribution to this resurgence. Following a short artist talk concerning our own relationship to abstraction in comics, participants are encouraged to explore these ideas through a hands-on comic-making session. We welcome the use of multiple mediums and artistic resources, however all work should be produced on paper no larger than legal-size (8.5x14), and any final pieces should be scannable. All comics produced during this workshop will be assembled, condensed, edited, and reproduced as a limited edition zine following the festival!

Be sure to catch DD00GG at the festival Book Fair ✹ Death Rattle Writers Festival 2019!

DDOOGG is an artist collective and independent press focused on publishing alternative, experimental, and abstract comics. Originally co-founded in 2015 by a small group of undergraduate students at Emily Carr University, DDOOGG is now run by Cristian Hernandez and Juli Majer, and affiliated with a growing number of Vancouver-based alt-comic artists.

DDOOGG has published the work of numerous local and international artists, both online and in print, and exhibited at book fairs in cities across Canada, United States, Europe and Asia, including: Vancouver Art/Book Fair (2016-18) Vancouver Comics Art Festival (2018-19), Toronto Comic Arts Festival (2016-18), Zine Daze (2018), Los Angeles Art Book Fair (2016), Comics Art Brooklyn (2017), Short Run Festival (2017-18) Print Ready VII - Minibar Stockholm (2016), The Future of Comics - Fumetto Festival (2019) and Picnic Art Festival, Shanghai (2018).

Don't miss Workshop: Carta Monir before this at 2:30!

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