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The Spill: Horsin' Around

  • Flying M Coffee Garage (map)

☞ Did you ever befriend a horse? Did you learn about each other's dreams & worries as you grazed in the prairie at sunset? Wait, seriously? Hang on, I'm just doin' a bit to promote The Spill... are you actually friends with a talkin' horse? Since when? 1973?? At a silent auction?! Well then how'd you know the horse could... Ohhhh, you rascal, you're just horsin' around with me!!

This time at The Spill we'll hear about the times when you bucked the odds, when you were hot to trot & rarin' to go, when a lot of flies were biting your horse body & all you could really do about it was swish your big tail around until you were galloping mad! Horseplay, horse kicks, horse bites, dark horses, horse lords, Trojan hors— [prolonged coughing] ... Sorry, all this "horse tack" is makin' me a little hoarse... Ha ha, just horsin' around!

Come to The Spill and hear true stories told live! This time our theme will be Horsin' Around, inspired by the fiction of Joel Wayne! All the stories will be true, straight from the horse's mouth, all relating in whichever way to the theme, Horsin' Around.

Saddle up and trot on down to Flying M Coffee Nampa! $3 at the door. All Ages! But hold your horses, partner! You can lead a horse to the minibar [provided by PreFunk Beer Bar Nampa], but you can't make them drink without ID!

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