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The Spill: Midnight Snack

☞ Hunger can strike at any hour, and that even includes Midnight!! But in the magical, mystical night, do take care that your hunger doesn't end up consuming You, instead of the other way around, such as when you have lunch or whatever like normal!!

This time at The Spill we'll hear about the hungers that arise well past bedtime, the secrets you indulge while the world slumbers, the unexpected delights in the middle of the night, and perhaps... the time you crept into the kitchen & took a big bite out of the cheeeeese! Oh yes, yooooou thought we wouldn't know if we didn't see you do it, but we'd recognize those teeth marks in our sleep!

Come to The Spill and hear true stories told live! This time our theme will be Midnight Snack, inspired by the poetry of Ameerah Bader! All the stories will be true, straight from the mouths of audience members, all relating in whichever way to the theme, Midnight Snack.

$3 at the door. All Ages! Treat yourself to a moonlit morsel or two at Flying M Coffee Nampa! PreFunk Beer Bar Nampa will be on the scene serving nightcaps.

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Earlier Event: April 13