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Four Words: An Open-House of 1-Hr Literary Workshops

  • Nampa Public Library (map)

You there, down-hearted scrivener by day's light, wishful weaver of tales & turns by night! If whims & words you fancy, then wander thy weary self to the Nampa Publick Lectorium of Miscellany, & there receive the coveted auspices of Semi-Compleat Literary Wisdom, as Death Rattle Writers Festival presents a scribbler's medley of swift & sundry literary workshoppes! *agitated cackling*

Ha ha, pretty cool, huh? I wrote that intro using the skills I learned at a Death Rattle workshop last year... and you can too! On Saturday, March 2nd, join me at the Nampa Public Library for a series of short workshops on literary subjects such as poetry, fiction, playwriting, and comics, won't you?

Oh, by the way, I can tell from that look on your face that you're probably wondering who I am right about now. Ha ha, well, I'm just another aspiring wordsmith like you, my friend...

[As they put on a very cool, very familiar pair of sunglasses and disappear into the afternoon mall crowd, you realize they were you from the future, and you just smile and shake your head. You can't believe how cool you're gonna turn out because of these workshops. The End.]


We've got poets and edcuators Debbra Palmer teaching Poetry, Catherine Kyle teaching Comics, and writer, actor, and director Dakotah Brown teaching Play Writing, and Diana Forgione teaching Fiction. Read below for what these wonderful educators have planned for you!

☼ From Diana: Build your own Monster

All Levels! Students will learn how to dissect the stereotypes of a monster and how to form relationships that are both empathetic & philosophical with the reader. The course will also cover how to create a creature based on its own or existing mythos that can truly be bone chilling. Students will learn and practice the elements of horror/gothic fiction and discuss the troubles, internal reasoning, and desires inside a dynamic monster. Materials required: Writing utensil, paper or laptop.

☼ From Dakotah:

Writing an exciting scene: a crash-course in writing compelling scenes by focusing on character needs, conflicts, misunderstandings, and surprises!

A way to kick writers block to the curb using simple tools to generate exciting results. Whether you’re writing a Sci-Fi epic or a Supernatural Teen Comedy, you’ll learn how to write a scene that will make your audience beg for more.

☼ From Debbra:

Windowing for Writers – A Four-Panel Journaling Technique. Windowing is a simple (and fun) journaling technique that anyone can do. Learn to be more present and creative using tools you already have when you don’t have a lot of time. All you’ll need is a pen or pencil and paper. You may also bring a journal if you have one. We will be accessing and tuning our perception and memory skills, making short lists and drawing together. We will also discuss ways that the technique generates writing prompts

☼ From Catherine:

Inner Landscapes: Poetry Comics, Metaphor, and Visual Emotion

In our day-to-day lives, we use metaphor to describe emotion all the time: We might say a day was full of smooth sailing, or that we have a tough row to hoe. Often, these metaphors center on nature—terrains, animals, weather, and more. We get butterflies in our stomachs and feathers in our brains, stars in our eyes and warmth in our hearts.

In this short workshop, we’ll write about and illustrate some of these feelings using the genre of poetry comics. Inspired by linguists and manga artists alike, we’ll explore our inner landscapes and see what climates and creatures dwell there, waiting to be let lose. Watercolors will be available, but feel free to bring your own supplies as well!

Saturday, March 2 | Free

1:30pm - 5:00pm @ Nampa Public Library

5:00pm ish - 6:00pm Flying M Coffee Nampa

All ages & experience levels welcome!

#deathrattle #nampaarts

Later Event: April 13