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Erotica ✹ Death Rattle Writers Festival 2019

I beg your pardon? What is... "erotica?" Oh, I'm so glad you asked! Do but listen, and I shall explain! For the purposes of our s***** literary exhibition, "erotica" is literature of a s***** peculiarity which, with your consent, may elicit feelings of s***** a****** within your b***. Oh I knooow, quite thrilling, yes? Hmmmm? What are the expurgated wooooords, you ask? A fine question, one that a s***** d****** might propose... if you ask me... a s***** d******! Ha ha, but all waggery aside, the s***** literature you will hear at our s***** literary exhibition will not be bowdlerized, and you may, at your liberty, permit yourself to absorb every s***** word in all its n**** glory. So prepare your b***, if you desire, to be s******* a******, with your consent, by literature of the most s***** variety available to humanity!

Explicit reading in Wall St. Alley, beside PreFunk Beer Bar Nampa, featuring Carta Monir!

Carta Monir is an award-winning cartoonist and micropress publisher living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She's six foot one.

Read her work online + see more as a contributor on patreon!

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