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Death Rattle Writers Festival 2019 ✹ Day 1

✹ Welcome to Death Rattle Writers Festival 2019 — D A Y 1 ✹

Can't wait to get this weekend started with all of us joining together as one big, poetry slime that feels like a hug giving you a hug...

Join us the Flying M Coffee Nampa, ID for our Opening Poetry Showcase, featuring local & regional poets!

Then enjoy Treasure Valley Storytelling staple The Spill!
TRUE STORIES TOLD LIVE on a sPooKy oCtoBer tHeme!
For anyone unfamiliar, 5 minutes or less for open-mic, true stories shared from the community, by the community.

Then scooch on over to PreFunk Beer Bar Nampa for FLASH FICTION on THE INTERNET. 600 words or less -

Submit to read your flash fiction at THE INTERNET until Sept 15!

See you there, seedpod... ❁

5:30pm - 6:35pm — Opening Poetry Showcase ~ free!
7:00pm - 9:00pm — The Spill ~ $3
Flash Fiction PreFunk Beer Bar Nampa

Free! Donate at the Spill! All-Ages!
(prefunk is has all ages seating in Wall Street Alley.
21+ service for those 21+)

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RSVP to let your friends know you're going! Invite a friend!
Can't wait to celebrate the literary arts with you all!

Submit to read your work at the festival until Sept 15th!

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