The Spill: Horsin' Around
7:30 PM19:30

The Spill: Horsin' Around

Come to The Spill and hear true stories told live! This time our theme will be Horsin' Around, inspired by the fiction of Joel Wayne! All the stories will be true, straight from the horse's mouth, all relating in whichever way to the theme, Horsin' Around.

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Emma Lee Toyoda, The Prom Effect & Poetry ✎
7:00 PM19:00

Emma Lee Toyoda, The Prom Effect & Poetry ✎

✿ Springy House Show in Nampa! Warm up your bones with music from a sunflower name of Emma Lee Toyoda and soak up the hot new tunes from @ThePromEffect. ✿

Exact time & Poets TBA - Be sure to RSVP for updates!
DM for address.

Sign Up to read your poetry! There are slots open!
Email us at or DM one of us. Reading time is about 3 poems max.
1. Evelyn Henry
2. Doug Kopec
3. Alex Fox
4. Jess Johnson
5. John Lea
6. Alex Lindberg

Emma Lee Toyoda is a queer non-binary sunflower, grown in Seattle, WA. ELT makes empathetic softpunk tunes for you to wipe your tears with and hug your friends to. They perform solo and full band shows, backed by friends from grade school, Zeke Bender (drums) and Khyre Matthews (bass).

Their next EP “i don’t wanna play ur show” will be released May 3rd on ENBY PARTY followed by a month-long U.S. tour. Follow ELT on instagram @emmaleetoyoda to keep up to date on tour / release info!
From Death Rattle Writers Festival.
Bonus! Help celebrate Dig Reeder's birth at the show!

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Idaho Gives: Donate to Death Rattle
12:00 AM00:00

Idaho Gives: Donate to Death Rattle

✎ As always, Death Rattle is striving to create programming that reflects and invites an inspiring and atmospheric outlet for local artists and marginalized communities fostering an accessible, diverse, and unique literary scene in our community.

We look forward to being able to create year-round workshops and education, readings that feature our community members like you alongside nationally recognized poets and artists, to providing one of the only online publishing journals in the Treasure Valley; all this working in tandem to create a place to sow seeds, jump in, and hold up a robust creative community.

All of this culminates in the festival you know and love, taking place over two days in October 2018. 
We at Death Rattle are as ambitious as always and in 2019, we are excited to be able to bring artists and writers into the Treasure Valley to be featured alongside our strong and diversely talented group of authors creating and performing here locally; All made possible by your generous contribution.



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The Spill: Midnight Snack
7:30 PM19:30

The Spill: Midnight Snack

☞ Hunger can strike at any hour, and that even includes Midnight!! But in the magical, mystical night, do take care that your hunger doesn't end up consuming You, instead of the other way around, such as when you have lunch or whatever like normal!!

This time at The Spill we'll hear about the hungers that arise well past bedtime, the secrets you indulge while the world slumbers, the unexpected delights in the middle of the night, and perhaps... the time you crept into the kitchen & took a big bite out of the cheeeeese! Oh yes, yooooou thought we wouldn't know if we didn't see you do it, but we'd recognize those teeth marks in our sleep!

Come to The Spill and hear true stories told live! This time our theme will be Midnight Snack, inspired by the poetry of Ameerah Bader! All the stories will be true, straight from the mouths of audience members, all relating in whichever way to the theme, Midnight Snack.

$3 at the door. All Ages! Treat yourself to a moonlit morsel or two at Flying M Coffee Nampa! PreFunk Beer Bar Nampa will be on the scene serving nightcaps.

#thespill #spillyourstories #drwf2019

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Four Words: An Open-House of 1-Hr Literary Workshops
1:30 PM13:30

Four Words: An Open-House of 1-Hr Literary Workshops

You there, down-hearted scrivener by day's light, wishful weaver of tales & turns by night! If whims & words you fancy, then wander thy weary self to the Nampa Publick Lectorium of Miscellany, & there receive the coveted auspices of Semi-Compleat Literary Wisdom, as Death Rattle Writers Festival presents a scribbler's medley of swift & sundry literary workshoppes! *agitated cackling*

Ha ha, pretty cool, huh? I wrote that intro using the skills I learned at a Death Rattle workshop last year... and you can too! On Saturday, March 2nd, join me at the Nampa Public Library for a series of short workshops on literary subjects such as poetry, fiction, playwriting, and comics, won't you?

Oh, by the way, I can tell from that look on your face that you're probably wondering who I am right about now. Ha ha, well, I'm just another aspiring wordsmith like you, my friend...

[As they put on a very cool, very familiar pair of sunglasses and disappear into the afternoon mall crowd, you realize they were you from the future, and you just smile and shake your head. You can't believe how cool you're gonna turn out because of these workshops. The End.]

We've got local poets and educators Debbra Palmer and Catherine Kyle, and local playwright and actor Dakota Brown teaching three of these workshops! Read below for the deets on what they have planned for you!

From Catherine Kyle:
Inner Landscapes: Poetry Comics, Metaphor, and Visual Emotion

 In our day-to-day lives, we use metaphor to describe emotion all the time: We might say a day was full of smooth sailing, or that we have a tough row to hoe. Often, these metaphors center on nature—terrains, animals, weather, and more. We get butterflies in our stomachs and feathers in our brains, stars in our eyes and warmth in our hearts. In this short workshop, we’ll write about and illustrate some of these feelings using the genre of poetry comics. Inspired by linguists and manga artists alike, we’ll explore our inner landscapes and see what climates and creatures dwell there, waiting to be let lose. Watercolors will be available, but feel free to bring your own supplies as well!

Expect this amazing class from poet and edcuator Debbra Palmer!
Windowing for Writers – A Four-Panel Journaling Technique.

Windowing is a simple (and fun) journaling technique that anyone can do. Learn to be more present and creative using tools you already have when you don’t have a lot of time. All you’ll need is a pen or pencil and paper. You may also bring a journal if you have one. We will be accessing and tuning our perception and memory skills, making short lists and drawing together. We will also discuss ways that the technique generates writing prompts.

More class info upcoming!

Saturday, March 2 | Free
1:30pm - 5:00pm @ Nampa Public Library
5:00pm ish - 6:00pm @Flying M Coffee Nampa
More details to be announced as we get closer to the date!
All ages & experience levels welcome!

#deathrattle #nampaarts

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Gold Key, Silver Key ✎ a YA Scholastics Reading
2:00 PM14:00

Gold Key, Silver Key ✎ a YA Scholastics Reading

☞ Gold Key, Silver Key: a YA Scholastics Reading

A multi-genre reading by Idaho's young writers awarded with Gold and Silver Keys by the Idaho Scholastic Writing Awards.

Join us for this celebration of our young writing community in Idaho. Susannah Oxley, a distinguished Gold Key Scholastic Alumni, will be featured along side select readers from this year’s Gold and Silver key winners!

Presented by Idaho Scholastic Writing Awards,
Death Rattle Writers Festival, and Rediscovered Books.
Come and enjoy what our young writers are capable of ✎
February 24
2pm to 3:30pm
Free & All Ages!


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The Spill: Chemistry
7:30 PM19:30

The Spill: Chemistry

Did you ever look into the handsome eyes of a person you love? Did they meet your loving gaze and give you the dreamy wink of romance? And did you both get an F in chemistry class cuz instead of taking chemistry notes you were passing each other love notes? Well you know what they say, two Fs make a Fond Feeling! ... What? Well... that's what you think, but... that absolutely IS what people say... frequently... where I'm from... where they still believe in true love!

This time at The Spill we'll hear about the sudden sparks that flew between friends who thought they'd always be alone, the kind of chemistry experiments that explode catastrophically but somehow result in major scientific progress, or the utter lack of chemistry between two-to-three actors & how it completely ruined the movie, why won't you just admit it??

Come to The Spill and hear true stories told live! This time our theme will be Chemistry, inspired by the poetry of CL Young! All the stories will be true, straight from the mouths of audience members, all relating in whichever way to the theme, Chemistry.

$3 at the door. All Ages! Put on your safety goggles, fire up your Bunsen burners, & open your hearts at Flying M Coffee Nampa! PreFunk Beer Bar Nampa will be on-site serving tenderness potions.


→ Note a slightly earlier starting time! The Flying M has new hours and so do we! We can't wait to see all of you!

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