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Quenton Baker is a poet and educator from Seattle. His current focus is the fact of blackness in American society. He is the author of the chapbook Diglossic in the Second America and his first full-length collection This Glittering Republic is forthcoming from Willow Books. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in journals such as Vinyl, Apogee, Poetry Northwest, The James Franco Review, and Cura and in the anthologies Measure for Measure: An Anthology of Poetic Meters and It Was Written: Poetry Inspired by Hip-Hop.

Nora Cooper is a 2015 semifinalist at the Collegiate Undergrad Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI), has been featured on Button Poetry, and reviewed by "The Verge". She has been nominated for the Peter Rotter Undergraduate Essay Prize, and shares the same name as a yellow lab.

Jamondria Marnice Harris is a poet & artist living in Portland, Or. They use words, sounds, wires, instruments, textiles & what falls into their hands to engage with blackness, desire, decolonization, fairy tales, femme supremacy, & body horror. They are a VONA Workshop Fellow, among other things.

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Olivia Olivia is a Salvadoran writer living in Portland, Oregon. She came to the United States as a child and has spent considerable amounts of times trying to be American and trying to Not Be American. Having spent several years in Berlin after having graduated with a degree in Creative Writing from Reed College in 2009, she specializes in writing about exile, immigration, and the afterlife.

Her writing can be found on Salon, the Portland Observer, Queen Mob’s Tea House, and The Rumpus, among other places.


Mike Young is the author of two poetry collections: 2014’s Sprezzatura (Publishing Genius Press), and 2010’s We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough (Publishing Genius Press), which was selected by readers of The Believer as one of the Top 20 Poetry Books of 2010.

He is also the author of the 2010 story collection Look! Look! Feathers (Word Riot Press), which Publishers Weekly called "relevant, wise, and immensely enjoyable.” In 2015, Black Cake Records released his first album Imagine a Fire You Can Wear as a Coat.

For 10 years, Young has published and designed the free online/print literary magazine NOÖ Journal, and for 7 years he's run a small press called Magic Helicopter Press. He’s been a guest reader at Brown, Cal Poly, Emory, the Center for Fiction in NYC, and elsewhere. He lives in Sante Fe, New Mexico.


Adam Rubinstein is a poet, photographer, editor, designer, birthfather, tinkerer, and composting enthusiast. He has published many chapbooks, and a few books. For much of the 2000s he wore every hat at Destructible Heart Press, a gourmet mostly-chapbook publisher with a yen for the surreal. In 2006 he began writing a novel in poems about the end of the world, which keeps happening in his hometown of Wellesley, MA. He's currently finishing a book of poems about power, sex, and depression calledCouchfucker. He mostly travels by rail; loves making books, sorbet, and hummus; and finds a deep satisfaction in helping travelers regain their equilibrium. &


Cauzndefx is a native DMV artist with an eclectic taste for visual art, music and the occasional poetry. We have reason to believe he has also literally set a mic on fire, once. LISTEN HERE.


I am Leafraker. I am called this because i ritualistically rake leaves. to me it is an arcane dance, ghastly abstract, a neurotic sacrament, the significance of which is my unspoken joy, desire, terror & misery. To date I have broken three rakes from perfervid, abnormal usage. LISTEN HERE