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Workshop: Super-Sleuthing Procedural Poetics

Welcome to our FREE writing workshops that Death Rattle Writers Festival host annually.

Death Rattle Workshop Series
Workshop Description: Poetry lurks everywhere, and our literary genius can often lead us astray or hold us back from discovering these precious secrets. At times like these it takes a detective, not a poet, to find the clues and put them together. In this workshop, participants will learn techniques from procedural poetics to create new works or revise older ones from an unexpected perspective. Unhampered by authorial control, we will use these techniques to find literary mcguffins in unexpected and startling places, often our own pieces of writing. Our emphasis will be on experimentation and discovery. Writers of all genres are welcome. Participants should bring their preferred word processors (pen and paper or otherwise). Randomizing elements like decks of cards or dice are optional.

Jonathan Schoenfelder is a poet, singer, and animal cremator living in Nampa, Idaho. He received a Bachelors in English from Boise State University and a Master of Fine Arts from Temple University. His work has appeared in Industrial Lunch and The Ill-Tempered Rubyist. He lives with his fiance, two dogs, cat, and several dozen birds.

Materials Needed:
Notebook, writing utensils, and or laptop