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The Spill: OMEN

You saw this coming, and now it's here...

The Spill: Omen. 
Event One of Death Rattle – Day 1

Death Rattle Writers Festival presents: The Spill                                                                  Come listen to true stories told by real people. 

Attendees are invited to come and listen to a wide array of true stories on the theme Omen. They can also tell a five-minute true story live that relates literally or figuratively to the poem of the night: "1066, or" by Alexander Yann who will be at the event to read their poem LIVE. Hear poetry from Breana Bouyear as well after the break! 

♥ Tell us your stories involving omens. Like in Alex's poem, we are always reading the signs to try and predict what will happen. 💀  Tell us about the times predicting the future has worked, tell us of the times it has failed atrociously. Bring your stories.

What to Expect from the Night: Hear a poem, hear true stories, have a laugh, have a cry, learn about others. Then, stick around the flying for the a collection of poetry, featuring ♥♥Quenton Baker from Seattle and others at 8. Then, it's off to Prefunk for Flash Fiction.

We anticipate that some of you will be needing a delicious adult beverage, so we had the foresight to invite PreFunk Beer Bar Nampa to serve refreshing bevarages in the Flying M! 

Excerpt from "1066, or" by Aleksandr Yannikov

Today a dog with a handsome jawline crossed my path,
cradling in its maw a doll resembling yours truly. 

Now, my grandmother tells me this could mean one of two things,
one — that a major tectonic event will reshape the geopolitical landscape of the world as we know it leading to the collapse of modern civilization and the rise of the Soviet States of Papua New Guinea. 

The other is that my girlfriend Stacy will leave me for my sister Guinevere. 

Come along, invite your friends, like The Spill on facebook and its sponsors. Also check out our friends Flying M Coffeegarage. Admission is $3.00 at the door 


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