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Storyfort: This is Hip-hop/Spoken word/R&B

This hip-hop Q&A is a collaboration between Storyfort, Death Rattle Writers Festival and Treefort Music Fest. We’ll be providing artists performing at the fest a platform to explore the nuances and creativity of their work. The complexity of hip-hop and R&B as a genre is vast and varied, and this Q&A will provide an opportunity for panelists to answer questions about what influences their process and how their art informs audiences both new and old. The goal is to emphasize the common bonds of hip-hop/spoken word/R&B with the literary world, and how these artists utilize language to describe everything from cultural hardship to the mundane and droll.

Moderators: Diana Forgione & Alex Yann

Zee Will
Lalin St. Juste (singer/lyricist from The Seshen)
G Yamazawa